Easy Ways to Sell My House Fast

If you need to move home quickly because you’ve got a new job, or you need to downsize in an emergency, then you’ve probably noticed that selling a property is not a simple undertaking. The question, can I “sell my house fast” is one that would usually get a “it’s not easy” answer.

Selling a house through the usual estate agent channels is something that can sometimes take years. It’s hard to find a buyer, and even harder to complete “the chain” where there are multiple properties and mortgages involved. So, if you’re thinking “I need to sell my house fast”, then you should avoid those traditional methods and look for a company that buys houses for cash.

There are many home buyers that will pick up properties quickly – either for rental, or for refurbishment and ‘flipping’, and those are the best bet for a fast sale.  These home buyers can complete in as little as 30 days if the property and the price is right, and they usually aren’t too picky either. They will  buy properties with past issues, and they will look at condos, townhouses, detached properties… pretty much any home. Their main criteria is that there is a seller that owns the property and that wants to get rid of it quickly.

The offers that they make will be based on their assessment of the condition and desirability of the property, as well as the market rate. They’ll inspect the property and make you an offer, then it’s up to you if you want to accept that offer or not. There’s not pressure to accept the offer. If you do accept it, then the buyer will usually offer to pay a portion of the closing costs. The exact amount that they will pay depends on their own policies. Some home buyers will pay all the costs, and factor that into the offer.  If you’re talking to more than one company, be sure that you get in writing information about exactly what they will and will not pay for, and that you understand how that reflects in the offer price. Look at closing times too, so that you can make an informed decision. Whatever you decide, you will be free to move once the house is sold, and can get on with your new life in your next home, worry free.