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Great Real Estate Edmonton Buys

Edmonton, Alberta is known as the low tax province of Canada. This means that every resident who lives in the city of Edmonton is paying lower taxes than other residents in places like Ontario, Saskatchewan, or British Columbia. This is one of the more important financial reasons for purchasing real estate Edmonton properties. In fact, people who purchase a home in Edmonton can help pay for that home by means of lower taxation.

The landscape surrounding Edmonton is flat but it is a short distance to the Rocky Mountains for various types of recreation. For example, the town of Jasper which is in Jasper national Park is only a four hour drive from the city of Edmonton. Edmonton has a beautiful River Valley that contains one of the longest stretches of connected urban parkland in North America. This beautiful River Valley is 61 miles long and provides Edmonton residents with miles of hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and biking trails. In fact, Edmonton has more than 27,000 acres of parkland which makes it the highest amount of parkland to resident in Canada.

Edmonton is a major gas and oil center which attracts workers from around the world. This results in a city that is ethnically diverse. This ethnically diverse city promotes various family orientated festivals throughout the year. The city has always been well-known as a destination for anyone who enjoys diverse cultural activities. For this reason, many families are attracted to the city of Edmonton.

In the year 2016 the average home in the city of Edmonton sold for $370,000. Currently, Edmonton is experiencing a bit of an economic downturn which also affects real estate values. However, this is good news for anyone who wants to take advantage of this downturn and invest in a quality home in Edmonton. The neighborhoods throughout Edmonton are family friendly. They are also areas with low crime rates. The southwestern portion of the city is an area that is considered the most affluent and desirable. These neighborhoods include Henderson Estates, Haddow, Blackburne, Falconer Ridge, and Ogilvie Ridge.

Edmonton has a continental climate that has large seasonal temperature variations. Snowfall can occur between September and May and it is extremely common. Monthly average snowfalls over this period of time can go upwards of 8 inches. In the summer time the average maximum daily temperature will exceed 20°C. This will be in the months of June through August. Due to precipitation trends and summertime heat there may also be the odd violent thunderstorm and occasional tornado. However, the bottom line is that real estate Edmonton provides a great opportunity to purchase your new home.